01We are a Cvent Certified Partner

With over a decade of experience as a Cvent shop, learn how we can maximize your Cvent potential and become an extension of your team.

Event Registration Sites

Offering event registration development with modern designs with capabilities in both Flex and Classic templates.



Designing powerful mobile apps on the CrowdCompass platform to make your event more relevant and social than ever before!


Post Launch Support

Creating a great customer experience and a flawless registration process so that your team can focus on what you do best!


On-Site Support

Providing on-site technical assistance for the Event Operations team when quick solutions and on-site fixes are crucial.

02We provide event technology support

MMCY Tech’s mission is to provide you with excellent service and cost-effective resources that take your business to that next level–fostering change, inspiring efficiencies, and resolving issues that may have been holding you back. As a Cvent shop, we are your secret weapon to save you time, streamline processes, and drive revenue.

03Why Choose MMCY Tech?

MMCY Tech provides dedicated resources. Leverage our team and maximize your potential!

Fast Turnarounds

In a hurry? Our round-the-clock team provides quick and reliable turnarounds to meet any deadline.


Competitive Pricing

We specialize in offering low-cost, competitive prices without sacrificing the quality and expertise you desire.


Flexible Structure

We offer flexible labor and custom-tailored structures to meet your business needs.

04Additional Services

In addition to our Cvent Support Services, MMCY Tech provides dedicated outsource resources in the following areas:

  Level 1 Support

  Data Entry

  Platform Support

  Software Development

  • Client Image

    MMCY has really been outstanding in its efficiency and professionalism. We are extremely impressed with their “can do” attitude and approachable manner. We do not work in a 9-5 Monday-Friday business, they have been available as needed for urgent last-minute issues, even if it was after regular business hours or weekends. With their help, our team has been able to focus on customer satisfaction and event success. They are now and will continue to be part of our team.

    • Lisa Eckerson
    • Protravel International
  • Client Image

    Always reliable, dependable and happy to help, MMCY has provided us with some invaluable support – especially at our times of need. We will certainly be keeping them close and their number on speed dial as our projects develop.  

    • Andrew Moore
    • Ashfield Meeting & Events
  • Client Image

    MMCY is a big timesaver for our groups and meetings department. Their expertise and proficiency in producing high quality branded websites for our clients affords us the time to more efficiently focus on other important event and travel details. In addition, they are knowledgeable in registration functions and can often advise us on how to accomplish special tasks requested by our clients. Partnering with this great company is truly a win-win for us and our clientele.  

    • Janet Worby
    • TSI USA
  • Client Image

    Working with MMCY has really been a fantastic experience! I was extremely impressed with their efficiency, professional attitude and having an approachable manner. They have been significant to the success of our project and it goes without saying that if there’s an opportunity, we look forward to continuing an excellent working relationship with them! Thanks again!"


    • Marco Ogsimer
    • CWT Meetings & Events

05Meet Our Team

Meet the innovative, driven, and creative individuals who power your tech success.

We believe we can find a better way for you

When you partner with MMCY Tech, we become an extension of your team. Leveraging our team, allows you to focus on what your company does best.

07Our Clients

We work with Industry Leaders, Event Planners, and Change Agents
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