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Almost four years ago, we attended our first Cvent CONNECT Vegas. And since then, we haven’t missed one. We also started attending Cvent CONNECT Europe. 

As a Certified Cvent Event Partner, that in partnership with Cvent, offers Expanded Event Build services and day-to-day dedicated Cvent support, we attend Cvent CONNECT as exhibitors. 

But what about you? Should your organization attend annually even if you are customer or potential customer? Here is our experience. 

What is Cvent CONNECT?

According to Cvent’s Twitter bio, “Cvent CONNECT is an annual event tech conference bringing event professionals, hotel professionals, and Cvent experts together to connect, learn and engage.”

It’s essentially a huge event for anyone who plans events or is in the event industry. It happens twice a year-once in Vegas and once in London. 

Who Goes to Cvent CONNECT?

Everyone. Well not everyone, but over 4500 people attended Cvent CONNECT 2019 in Vegas this year alone. Cvent CONNECT in Europe is smaller but still brought in 1200 individuals.

Here are just some of the individuals it’s meant to serve:

  • Potential Cvent Users – If your organization is thinking about signing up for Cvent, there’s no better way to learn more about it and how it can help your team than by attending. As an exhibitor each year, we speak to hundreds of attendees including banks, universities, private companies and more, who stop by our Showcase booth. Many of them aren’t signed up for Cvent yet, but they come to learn more about what it is and if it’s right for their organization. 
  • Cvent Users- The event is also a great opportunity for Cvent users. It allows you to meet Cvent’s team, learn about new developments, and meet vendors like us. We love our clients and it is so much fun to connect with them in person at the events. Some of them even run up to give us giant hugs. It’s a big, fun, reunion. 
  • Event Industry Professional- Whether you’re an event planner, hotelier, or anyone else in the industry, Cvent CONNECT is a great event for you to attend. (Wondering why? Keep reading below). 

Who else attends? Cvent does an amazing job of bringing hundreds of their own team members. This allows you to meet the people behind their company, ask them questions, and learn more about their platform. 

One of our Account Managers, Valerie with an attendee at the CONNECT Europe in 2019
One of our Account Managers, Valerie with an attendee at the CONNECT Europe in 2019

When is Cvent CONNECT 2020? 

Cvent CONNECT Vegas 2020 is set for June 15-18, 2020. It will be held at the brand new Caesars FORUM conference center that is opening for the first time this spring. 

Cvent CONNECT London 2020 is set for October 5-7, 2020. It will be held again at the InterContinental London 02. 

10 Reasons to Attend CONNECT

1. Learn more about Cvent

As mentioned earlier, there’s no better way to learn about Cvent than to attend CONNECT. You’ll grasp the whole vibes of their organization, meet their team members face-to-face, learn all the details you need to know about their platform, and more. 

2. The Showcase

Obviously, we’re a little biased here. Since we are a Certified Cvent Provider, we love meeting attendees and telling them about our Event Builds in Classic or Flex, how we can build their Crowd Compass, and how we can do other services all on a budget and quick turnaround. 

But there are lots of great Cvent exhibitors supplying all kinds of help so it’s a great way to meet them and hear about the resources they can offer too.

3. Networking

If you want to network, this is where you need to be. Meet planners, event experts, and the thousand-plus other attendees from all kinds of businesses, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. The event is designed to allow meet-ups to occur so whether it’s over lunch, at the Community Cafe, or the happy hour events, you’ll definitely be going home with some new friends and contacts.

4. The Keynote Speakers 

The event has several keynote speakers that you won’t want to miss. The CEO of Cvent, Reggie Aggarwal, always delivers an amazing talk. And the keynote speakers are usually high-level influencers that alone make the event worth it.

For example, in 2019, the two time Olympic gold medalist, Abby Wambach spoke at CventCONNECT Vegas. In London, the British sporting executive, politician, Apprentice TV Star, and author, Karren Brady, gave an incredibly inspiring talk that mesmerized everyone in the room.

You’ll feel charged up and inspired after each keynote speaker.

Karren Brady killing it at CONNECT Europe!
Karren Brady killing it at CONNECT Europe!

5. Innovation Pavillion

The Innovation Pavillion is the heart of the event and the most exciting place to be. It’s a hands-on, interactive experience with the most up-to-date as well as future solutions that Cvent provides. 

6. Learn 

The event includes countless breakout sessions. They cover everything from industry best practices, new trends, and other important information that is vital for your company. 

7. Great Reviews

Cvent did a study and found that 95% of attendees that came to CONNECT wanted to come again the next year. There’s no better data than that to illustrate how important this event is for you and your team.

8. Intense

Some of the best learning happens in concentrated bursts when you can absorb the information without distraction. That’s exactly what the event does for you. As Cvent puts it, “There’s only one place to get 150+ hours of classroom-style Cvent user training and dedicated face-to-face meetings with Cvent Experts, and that’s Cvent CONNECT.”

9. Happy Hour

While this might not be the best way to convince your boss to attend, there are some great sponsored happy hours that you won’t want to miss. Call it networking or whatever you like, but the meetups at night are another way to meet more people, connect, and have some fun. 

One of the complimentary happy hours in the Innovation Pavilion at Cvent Connect
One of the complimentary happy hours in the Innovation Pavilion at Cvent Connect

10. The Location

How can you say no to Vegas or London?  Plan your trip with a couple of days before or after the event to make the most of your trip. Who says work can’t include some fun?

11. Experience

It shouldn’t be a surprise that CONNECT events are the most impressive, organized, and well-orchestrated events. After all, Cvent is the queen of event technology. But it is a joy to experience what an event can truly be and do. Anyone planning an event or involved with events in some way should attend to be inspired on how to step up their event game. 

12. Reset 

After networking, meeting new people, listening to the inspiring keynote speakers, and learning the new trends, we always feel charged up. Sometimes the day to day of an office can be so focused on the tasks at hand that it’s easy to forget about the big picture. CONNECT allows your team to get fired up, reset, and start off on a new and exciting fresh foot. 

Our Vice President of Sales & Marketing (Feven) and one of our Account Managers (Valerie) at Cvent Connect Europe! And yes, we always have a bowl of candy!
Our Vice President of Sales & Marketing (Feven) and one of our Account Managers (Valerie) at Cvent Connect Europe! And yes, we always have a bowl of candy!

13. The ROI 

Yes, CONNECT costs money. The registration fees, accommodation, transport from the airport, etc. add up. But attending can add incredible value to your organization. Consider who you can meet and what you can learn and how that can actually save your organization time and money. If it wasn’t worthwhile, then the event wouldn’t continue to grow bigger each year both with new attendees and those returning. 

Insider tips for attending CONNECT?

  • Set up appointments to talk to exhibitors before you go. If you want to meet a specific person or exhibitor, it’s better to schedule an appointment with him/her in advance. This is especially important in Vegas which is much more crowded. But even in the UK, it’s recommended. Once you register, there will be instructions on how to set these meetings up.
  • Go to the after events. Even if you don’t like to drink, it’s a great place to meet other customers, businesses, exhibitors, and do some great networking.
  • Come with snacks (if you’re food-sensitive). When you sign up, you can specify if you’re vegan, gluten-free, or allergic to a certain food ingredient. But with hundreds and possibly thousands of attendees who don’t eat like that, the caters aren’t guaranteed to give you the best options. So if you’re vegan and craving oatmeal for breakfast, you might only get served vegan cookies. Hence, bring snacks and easy to eat foods that meet your dietary needs as a just-in-case backup.
Our Vice President of Marketing and Sales was interviewed by Cvent about her experience at CONNECT
Our Vice President of Marketing and Sales was interviewed by Cvent about her experience at CONNECT

How to Sign Up for Cvent CONNECT?

Do you want to attend Cvent CONNECT 2020? It’s not too early to sign up. In fact, prices for Vegas go up after January 10, 2020. Head over to their website and register for Vegas or the London event now!

And if you do plan on attending, make sure you stop by MMCY Tech’s booth in the Exhibitor Showcase and say hi! Or get in touch with us now regarding any Cvent support.

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