This week, MMCY Tech had the immense honor of welcoming CCI Global’s CEO, Martin Roe, and COO, Mark Chana, to our office in Addis Ababa. 

CCI Global is the largest BPO company in Africa and has created thousands of jobs on the continent. 

As they continue to expand their operations to meet the massive demand from their clients, they have identified Ethiopia as one of the countries with the biggest potential to be a leading outsourcing destination.

Introduction to the Ethiopian Culture

On Sunday, Martin and Mark flew into Addis Ababa and were taken to dinner at Yod Abyssinia by their host, Bernard Laurendeau from Laurendeau and Associates. Our leadership team joined them for some traditional Ethiopian food and a cultural experience.

It was Mark and Martin’s first time trying Ethiopian food, and luckily they both like spicy food. 

“It has completely unique flavors,” said Mark. 

Full Schedule 

The following two days were packed full of meetings throughout the city, including local universities, government offices, and local businesses. 

Our company, MMCY Tech, was one of the companies they visited. When they arrived at 3 pm on Monday, we were proud to introduce them to our account managers, sales development representatives, HR department, and more company members.

“I would hire all of you right now!” said Mark as he expressed his deep admiration for the poise and English proficiency level our SDR team showed. 

A Hidden Gem

Martin said, “Ethiopia is a hidden gem,”. 

His observation is fair; Ethiopia is becoming more industrialized and service-based and has a youthful population paired with a high rate of urbanization. 

A great deal of this youthful population belongs to the educated workforce. Most Ethiopians who have graduated from university speak incredibly great English, leaning toward an American accent.

Similar comments are common here at MMCY Tech. For example, one of our clients, who works for a Fortune 500 company, told us that our team is hungrier to succeed, has a genuine interest in helping clients, and has a higher level of education than his team in the United States. 

Will CCI Open in Ethiopia?

CCI has yet to decide if they will open an office in Ethiopia. However, on Tuesday night before their flight, MMCY Tech hosted a dinner for CCI and other top companies in the country. 

Our team wanted to bring everyone together because we know “it takes a village.” 

“We wanted to let them know that we appreciate their time and interest in Ethiopia. If they came, it would be huge for the whole industry. It would lift up everyone.” said Manny Amare, President of MMCY Tech. 

One thing is for sure – when the newly appointed telecom company gets going, the redundant internet will bring more and more big companies like CCI to Ethiopia. 

Our team is deeply grateful to Martin and Mark for visiting our office and attending our dinner party. We look forward to seeing CCI continue to expand throughout Africa, both in terms of the high level of support they provide their clients and the number of jobs they can create for the growing youth. 

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