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Cvent Support

Cvent Account Manager

As a Certified Cvent Build Partner, we’ve spent the past decade working on the Cvent platform. Each of our dedicated resources has hundreds of hours of experience working directly for clients. We’re a Cvent Shop and proud to provide dedicated resources and support for half of the CMI 25.

Professional Skills

Cvent Platform 95%
Project Management 97%
Post Launch Support 100%
Client Success 95%

Experience & Activities


  • CVENT Virtual Events
  • CVENT Event Management
  • Advanced CVENT Event Management

Job Role

  • Launches kickoff call with clients
  • Communicates quickly and professionally with clients
  • Manages entire event project from start to finish
  • Consults client on build options and best practices
  • Performs Quality Assurance & tests sites before going live
  • Attendee Management
  • Post Launch Support